Mini #Pulmonear Contest

Last week I joined a friend to be part of the mini #pulmonear contest, under the theme ‘duplicate is dying’. Yor can play this almost-videogame here, and I case you like it, you can also give us a vote here.

Clairvoyance Games Hackaton

This weekend I made a collaboration with friends from Clairvoyance Games in a 2 day hackaton to take a break from other projects. Its a stoner game about a clown and a llama with an AK47. Hope you enjoy it!

New Project

After a period of inactivity for a couple of months, me and my friend Nico started to work in a new title. I wish I could tell more details, but the game is really starting to be, and I can only tell the name (TheDon, inspired in the italian mobster culture) and the target platforms: Android, Windows, Web browsers. More info soon!

CODEAR: Demo Contest

In the past month, I entered in the CODEAR competition with a friend. This time, the theme was to create a demo of a future (or not) videogame.

After iterate a couple of prototypes, we arrived to Floor88, a little stealth based platformer. You can play it by clicking in the picture above. ¡We hope you enjoy it!

Of locations and boundaries

The idea that spawned CaDario was inspired by a real location: the Palazzo Dario, a Venetian mansion of the late fifteenth century. This place not only captivated me through her post-Victorian architecture, but also by the myths that surround it. All owners of the mansion have had tragic endings, leading people to label it as “cursed”. Soon I will expand on this subject, but for now let’s deal with the architecture.

Slightly inclined on the banks of the Grand Canal in Venice, Ca’Dario is a chubby building of 4 floors. Its height and width ratio instantly reminded me of the screen of a Smartphone, the target platform I was trying to develop something at that time. With that Istrian stone, and the strange ouroboros carved in it, I fell in love with the house.

But talking about a location in a game, especially a single location, as is the case, is talking about limits. In order to control the system that a video game is, delimit an action space becomes necessary. As well as Asteroids is a sphere, Pacman is a cylinder, or a 3D game is a 3D map, CaDario must be Ca’Dario, or at least a fair abstraction of it.

The challenge as a designer, not only lies in the correct abstraction of a real word building into a 2D game space, but also that the game environment don’t interrupt the flow of gameplay, and don’t fall into repetition, showing the player always the same scenario, but with time-varying, circumstantial, or random variables. Wish me luck.

First steps in Ca’Dario

After a while, I’m writing today to tell you about the first months of development. It’s been about 3 months from the beginning, and everything is going fine. Haxe is a excelent language in terms of portability, and the Window’s and Flash/browser’s versions of the game are coming along. The iOS version it’s a little late, but I’ll try to change this in my next technical update.

Don’t worry, it’s not going to be a long time. Besides, I’m going to share another kind of updates, like where the ideas to make the game came from and all the design documents.

See you soon.

Ca’Dario was born

Again, I have a new chance to participate in a competition. This time the deadline is really close, but I’ll try to pull out an alpha version of Ca’Dario, a haXe prototype I’ve been working some time ago. I’ll also try to make a follow-up of the development, so you can expect updates soon, stay alert!

Totem is finished

The CODEAR Cinco Elementos votation is finished, and TOTEM came out sharing the second plaze with 21 votes! It was a really nice experience, and now I’m thinking working on a bigger project on a even bigger competition, but I don’t really know when, don’t worry, I will tell you…

Hi there!

I’ve been rethinking this blog, and this is basically the new look, I hope you like it.